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Nikola Tonevski

Web Developer & WordPress Specialist

“Do I need a website for my business?”

If this question pops up in your mind, then the answer is YES…unless you are not interested in growing your business!

Being on the global map has significant importance in today’s world. The more visibility your business gets, the more successful it will become, regardless of the kind of products/services you sell.

Even if you operate locally and don’t aim to expand further – you still need a website. A recent study conducted by BrightLocal has revealed that:

  • 86% of customers rely on the Internet to find a local business
  • 29% of customers search for local businesses at least once a week
  • 72% of customers say the Internet is their first choice to find information on local businesses

Therefore, even if you have a business that is strictly local, a good website (and local SEO) is really worth your investment.

Irrespective of the type of business you are in – customers nowadays simply expect a website. Their purchase decisions are often based on online research, and the only way you can prevent them from going to your competitor is to keep them engaged in your online space.

Your website is literally the face of your business that customers first see.

It needs to be user-friendly and professionally done so that it makes them stay once they land. Due to that reason, make sure you hire a professional and reputable web developer to establish your online presence.

I come in handy here!


My name is Nikola Tonevski, I am the founder of Tonevski Inc and DigitalCare. In the past 5 years, I have built more than 250 captivating websites, which has made me an expert in the field. I can craft your website using some of the following programming languages: JavaScript and PHP, and tools/platforms such as WordPress, Bootstrap, Photoshop, and Vue.

Whether you need a new website or maintenance of the existing one, I am your guy!

My services & solutions include, but are not limited to:

Website Design & Development

  • Starter ($750) – Up to 7 pages, professional photos, Mobile-first design (responsive), On-site SEO
  • Enhanced ($1500) – Up to 20 pages, professional photos, Mobile-first unique design (responsive), On-site SEO
  • Ultimate ($2500) – Up to 40 pages, professional photos, Mobile-first unique design (responsive), On-site SEO, advanced retouch and modern effects/animations

Maintenance – CarePlans

  • Economy ($99/month) – UpCare, VPS Hosting, Regular Updates, Daily Backup, Uptime Monitor
  • Business ($199/month) – Economy + 4 hours hands-on website, WordFence Security, WP Rocket Cache, SEOPress
  • First Class ($499/month) – Business + 10 hours hands-on website, Client reporting, Google Business, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google PageSpeed, Google Webmaster, Priority support

Before you decide to work with me, please take a look at some of my past projects:

DeveloperWeek, API World, AI Dev World, ProductWorld, Cellaxys, StadiaConnect, HanceysTurf, Iconosuare, ADC Loans, DigitalCare, DevNetwork, DeveloperWeek New York, DeveloperWeek Austin, DeveloperWeek Seattle: Cloud Edition, AI DevWorld, BlockDevCon, BlockWorld, OrangeBees, JordanTravers, TerrificToilets, MyCovenantPC, Luduco Living, Vellopay, ChakraPartners, AllStarAccessHire, NaturalPerceptionsSalon, BeautyGreco, LaunchPadMarketing, ZIPlineZoning, Global-MTM, EarthBlockInternational, DewsideDental, Syntagium, WindsorMFG, StackWorld, ProductCon, OmniHealthcare, SAMEngineering, 405Network, PolitechGroup, TaberVideo, Potatisgris, EaseMe, Intellinotion, Tinderbox, NorthMind, OMBG, LaDolceVitaCork, SentinelSecurity, MentorFest, DevTechStrategy

Or, check out some of my clients’ testimonials:

Nikola has led our front-end development work across web and email media for the last 4 years, and we’ve been very impressed with the professionalism and quality of his work. He’s brought the talents of many different types of design and development to our company, and we highly recommend him.
– Geoff Domoracki, CEO @ DevNetwork

We have been working with Nikola for a couple of years now and we have been very pleased with our working relationship. Nikola’s attention to detail and sense of urgency allow us to simply hand over specifications and let him manage the entire development and testing process. We have come to trust him enough to allow him to interact directly with our customers.
– Corey Crowley, Founder & CTO @ Orange Bees

I’ve worked with Nikola for quite a while now. He’s an amazing developer, quick and to the point, and always on top of all the requests. I never have to follow up on any tasks assigned to him, I can just send him an email and consider it done. Nikola is very knowledgeable in working with WordPress. He has developed and manages 5 different websites for me and my clients and he’s my go-to person for all the future websites.
– Parisa Bady, Founder @ Meros Media

6* stars: Nikola is a rare find. Nikola goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and is the real deal who is not only a pleasure to work with but adds true value to a project. If you want someone you can trust to deliver high-quality websites to deliver commercial outcomes then look no further. A refreshing change from the UpWork ‘norm’. A top find and an asset to any team.
– Martin Anstey, Entrepreneur. Board Advisor. Connector

If you found yourself thinking: “I need this!” while reading the above, hit me up on [email protected]

Let’s set your business up for success!

I am Available! Hire Me